5 Secrets to Get Your Home Sold!

A home buyer’s ability to make an emotional connection with your property is a significant factor in their decision to place an offer on your home. From the moment a buyer sets eyes on your property they’re beginning to picture what it will be like for them to live there, making the immediate impact vital. After you have carefully considered the location of your property, the condition of your home, its features, and the current real estate market, it is time to think about extra measures that will make your home stand out against the rest. Inside you will find five tips for the best possible showing to achieving your ultimate goal; a successful sale.

1. Create an Inviting Curb Appeal

Make your home’s first impression a good one.

  • ● Trim any overgrown trees or bushes: clearing out brush makes your yard appear larger
  • ● Clean out flower beds and lay down new mulch: creating a crisp clean looking lawn
  • ● Add a pop of color with blooming flowers: colorful blooms are an inviting addition to your porch and walkway.
  • ● Do paint touch ups to the door frames and window sills: a fresh coat here gives your home the well kept appearance that buyers are looking for.
  • ● Keep the walkway and porch clean and clutter free: buyers are distracted by disorder, provide them with an environment that allows them to focus on what is important... your home.

3. Cultivate Comfort with Ambiance:

Provide your potential buyers with an inviting atmosphere.

● Remove sources of odor: elements that cause odor, such as trash or cat litter, will negatively impact the way a buyer feels about your home.

● Utilize aromatherapy without lighting candles: creating an atmosphere is important, but you don’t want it to be overwhelming. Lightly scented potpourri is a nice alternative to candles or sprays.

● Play music in the background: soft, soothing sounds in the background as a buyer views the home is an inviting touch.

● Think about getting a professional opinion on staging: a REALTORⓇ will help steer you in the right direction, but if you want to give your home an edge in a competitive market a professional stager is an option to explore.

5. Hire a REALTORⓇ

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a professional.

● Knowledgeable about what a buyer wants: real estate agents work with buyers everyday and they have insight as to what they are looking for.

● Educated in how the contracts work: having someone on your side who understands all of the fine print and can guide you through all the paperwork makes a sale much smoother.

● Assist in communication with the buyer: negotiating over the sale of one of your largest investments can be emotional. Hiring a REALTORⓇ to do this work for you can cut down on stress and help you get the most for your property.

● Network of contacts: a REALTORⓇ has relationships with quality service providers who can help you get your house or yard in shape quickly and cost effectively.

    Your home is likely to be one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Putting in a little work now can mean all the difference when it comes to making a return on that investment. With these secrets, and a professional real estate agent to guide you through the process, you can move forward with the confidence of knowing that you will see a “SOLD” sign in your front yard in no time.

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