Marketing Strategy

1. Communication

In order to sell a house as quickly and for the best price feasible, communication is essential. A good line of communication includes, but is not limited to, my availability each day to respond to inquiries, scheduled weekly conversations about tactics and interest in your home, routinely responding to activity from prospective buyers and their agents, and a weekly update sent by mail or email.

2. Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Through the Multiple Listing Service, most houses are sold. The most interest from buyers and real estate agents will be generated by a complete listing. A full MLS listing includes 40 professional images with captions, the most recent property information, a virtual tour, and availability for showings.

    3. Virtual Tour - Online, buyers are regularly to be located. They can take a virtual tour of your house. I'll keep an eye on things and give you updates every week.

    4. LockboxThe - MLS smart lockbox grants access to your home and keeps track of all showings. Every time your property is shown, an email with the agent's contact information is sent to me. Once I know who they are, I can contact them right away to ask for their opinion or to address any concerns that potential customers may have.

    5. Ad Campaign - One week before your MLS listing goes public, we will increase interest in your property with a "Coming Soon" campaign. At this point, we will advertise your house online, through a website dedicated to it, emails, fliers, a flyer box, and signs.

    • 6. Flyer Box - A flyer box with color flyers and a text code will be placed in your front yard. It will be supplied with flyers.
    • 7. Text Code - On advertising materials for your home, such as the flyer box and signs, a text code will be posted. When a potential buyer uses this technology, information on your property is sent to their mobile device, and I obtain their contact information, enabling me to get in touch with them right away.
    • 8. Postcards - After your house is posted, 50 "Just Listed" postcards featuring your home will be sent to neighbors in your area.

    Step 1

    15. Agent Tour

    Your home will be a part of a property tour so that agents who are also selling in your neighborhood may see it and give you their expert opinion. Using this application, agents can collaborate to sell each other's homes.

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